Start napping at your workplace

The powernap improves health, happiness, productivity and creativity. That is why it is our mission to normalise the everyday powernap. With our pod we want to introduce this lifehack at your workplace. Just a 20 minute nap makes a world of difference.

Neuroscientists are discovering the benefits

It is now well established that on average 10 - 35% of adults suffer from sleep loss during weekdays, sleeping less than 6 hours a day. The powernap is found to be a succesful tool in combating daytime sleepiness for shift workers and improving sleep quality for those with sleep disorders. For those who do get enough sleep on a nightly basis, power naps can lead to considerable benefits in terms of mood, alertness, and cognitive function.

Our Powernap Pod

The Metawake Powernap Pod is designed and produced in The Netherlands. It functions as a place to relax and withdraw yourself from your environment. Here you can read, do you mindfulness exercises and take a nap. Our pod is the solution to make your workplace more healthy. 

The sideway-entrance makes it possible to lay down in an easy and ergonomic way. When laying on the comfortable, water-proof mattress, you can close the electric roller blind with a simple push of a button to create the night-time conditions for a good nap. The wooden parts of the pod are fabricated by a milling machine. This allows the pod to be made with as little waste as possible.

Do you want to know more about the Metawake Powernap Pod? Download our specsheets here.

Our Powernap Pod

What others say about our product

'Metawake's powernap pod is simple and effective. The mattress is surprisingly comfortable, perhaps even better than the mattresses of considerably more expensive pods. No fuss, what you see is what you get!'
Kasper - Physician and owner at Nap@Work

'We have ordered the Powernap Pod and it works very well! Especially because the pod unexpectedly has multiple uses. For example, it is in a corner where you can relax for a moment and empty your mind. Then you can take a quick nap and start your work with fresh energy again. Because the pod is high enough, it can also serve as a meeting location, which is great too!'
Sven - Campaign Developer at Van Loof

Team Metawake

Lou Krabshuis

Lou Krabshuis

Founder & Designer

Lou has deployed his experience with computer-aided manufacturing techniques for the design of the pod. In addition to his work for Metawake, he works as a freelancer on various architectural projects and advises organizations on their sustainable and circular strategies.

Emanuel Jas

Emanuel Jas

Founder & Managing Director

Having had the opportunity to work and study in a variety of countries, Emanuel learned of the benefits of powernapping and realised that facilitating powernaps could help a lot of people improve their health. Now he uses his experience with business development and education to make Metawake a successful start-up.