We believe that the benefits of powernaps are an important factor in achieving everyday goals in our hectic lives. Therefore, we want to provide you a recharge with our practical and high quality Nap Pod. We spent more than a year developing and testing prototypes before the design was ready for production. This process was guided by our interdisciplinary approach with knowledge backgrounds in health design, sociology, business and philosophy of science.


Lou Krabshuis

As a graduate student in architecture at TU Delft, I am a member of the Health@BK Platform, which conducts research into the design of health centers and hospitals. In addition to my academic work, I run my own design studio, where I am currently working on several renovations and the design of a tiny forest house. In my work for Metawake my knowledge and experience comes together in the design of our Nap Pod.

Communications Officer

Ole Smit

Concerned with the way we humans shape our work environment, I work for the Professional Honour Organisation who specialise in maximizing quality of work and view professionals as key to upholding a successful work environment. I believe sustainability is central and that businesses can be a positive influence for social change. Next to my work for this organisation, I am currently doing a Master's Degree in Contemporary Social Problems. Moreover, an exchange program to Southern Australia led to a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship as well as social and cultural differences.


Emanuel Jas

Born in the Netherlands, I immigrated to Western Australia at the age of 8. Here I completed under and postgraduate studies in Business and Philosophy at a variety of Australian Universities. In addition, I have completed a Master of History and Philosophy of Science at Utrecht University as well as an international internship at Kyoto’s’ Primate Research Institute’s Cognition & Learning department in Japan. I started experimenting with Powernaps while doing my postgraduate studies in Australia and now I do them on an almost daily basis.

An everyday recharge in a restless world

The powernap improves health, happiness, productivity and creativity. Our Nap Pod is a solution to facilitate powernaps at your workplace. We also offer consultancy and design solutions for unique environments.

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